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Shakti Group USA is a family-owned business. Our core values guide us to handpick, healthy and safe products to our end consumers. The company is a product of the entrepreneurial vision of the founders Prathik Patel and Bharat Patel who started in 1999 from simply importing few pounds of spices from home to building a solid distribution network throughout the country. Shakti is headquartered in New Jersey and has a warehouse of more than 40,000 sqft. With distribution centers in Illinois, California, Texas…


We have over 25 plus brands under our distribution channel that we market out to our clients throughout 50 states. Our process starts with a fact-finding session where we learn as much about your company and products as possible. Once we discover…


Private label packaging is a great way to display your brand, and we can assist you in all the necessary steps. You can choose from our collection of spices, nuts, lentils, and beans to pack in as little as 3.5 oz. to 50 lb. bags. Be it pouches, jars, or bags, we have extensive…


Bulk customers should contact us at 732-342-7242 for information on volumes starting at 50 lbs. Let our purchasing power save you money without committing to long-term contracts or minimum orders. At any given time, we have over 2 million pounds of spices…



Follow these four easy steps for prompt processing of your credit application:

  1. Download the credit application form
  2. Fill in the requested information
  3. Save your completed application
  4. Email your application to info@shaktigroupusa.com


Aara Products

Our retail Brand AARA is an extension of our commodity products, we have successfully captured a large portion of the ethnic market, which stands proud on the quality that we provide. To maintain our quality, we carefully bag each product in house at our warehouse. Every AARA bag goes through intensive inspection to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations and standards set by the FDA.

Bulk Products

We hold 2million lbs of spices at our warehouse, which enables you to be flexible with your demands. We cater to clients who require a 50lbs bags to truckloads of products. Similar to our quality our commitment to provide you the fastest shipment at the most competitive prices are consistent.

Distributed Products

Our services extend to distribute products across its geographical boundaries. We hold up to 200 different skews of various food products, ranging from dairy products to exclusive beverage. Our supply chain commitment helps us maintain and preserve the quality of every product from the stages of its manufacturing till the final consumption



If you cannot find a product that you are looking for on our site, just let us know. We constantly shop the global markets and we’ll try our best to get it for you.

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2900 E State St,
Hamilton Township,
NJ 08619

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