Shakti Group USA is a family-owned business. Our core values guide us to handpick, healthy and safe products to our end consumers. The company is a product of the entrepreneurial vision of the founders Prathik Patel and Bharat Patel who started in 1999 from simply importing few pounds of spices from home to building a solid distribution network throughout the country. Shakti is headquartered in New Jersey and has a warehouse of more than 40,000 sqft. With distribution centers in Illinois, California, Texas, and Florida, Shakti Group has become an important player in retail & wholesale of various food products.

An expertise in spices, nuts, lentils and beans, a reliable source of suppliers, knowledge of spice trade, the know-how of the market and quality gave the company a definitive advantage, right from its inception. We source our products from India, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Turkey, Madagascar, Peru, Spain, Guatemala, and various other countries. With so many global contacts, we can keep up to date with the extremely volatile commodity markets.

From past many years, the company has enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 40 percent. At any given time, Shakti Group holds in its warehouse, approximately 3 million pounds of grocery products, thus satisfying all our customers with timely deliveries across the country. We have numerous reputed and upcoming brands under our distribution belt. This along with our own brand “Aara” that deals with spices, nuts, lentils, and beans and available for all the retailers in the country. Our capacity to keep consistent and large inventory gives our customers added benefits of price, quality, and timely availability.

A young and aggressive team of Shakti Group has expertise in handling US FDA and USDA issues. Every step taken to process a purchase order is a promise of performance and an assurance for product generic qualities in terms of its natural color, density and overall consistency. Our supply chain also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with worldwide growers and co-ops that follow strict sustainable agricultural practices. Extending our safe quality measures, we are in the process of procuring SQF Level 2 certification. This is a certified HACCP food safety plan that is benchmarked by GFSI.

With the above rigorous system to manage food safety risks, Shakti Group is committed to providing high-quality products, great customer service, and timely delivery.


We have over 25 plus brands under our distribution channel that we market out to our clients throughout 50 states. Our process starts with a fact-finding session where we learn as much about your company and products as possible. Once we discover what makes you great and sets you apart, we develop a marketing and distribution strategy followed by a plan of action to create a much-needed awareness and availability of your product across the US. We streamline our focus, we ensure the sustainability of your brand, we make certain that our fulfillment services will ship and deliver your products in a timely and efficient manner. All this, in addition to the stringent food safety and sanitation guidelines followed by our company. Rest assured, your name, brand, reputation will be safeguarded and built positively, securing greater profits.

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Private Label Packaging


Private label packaging is a great way to display your brand, and we can assist you in all the necessary steps. You can choose from our collection of spices, nuts, lentils, and beans to pack in as little as 3.5 oz. to 50 lb. bags. Be it pouches, jars, or bags, we have extensive retail packaging capabilities, giving you a complete solution for your supermarket, specialty retail store, or catalog. With strategic marketing and pleasant designs, we will make sure your product moves from shelves to customers at a faster pace. For more info and questions, please drop us a line at sales@shaktigroupusa.com


Bulk customers should contact us at 732-342-7242 for information on volumes starting at 50 lbs. Let our purchasing power save you money without committing to long-term contracts or minimum orders. At any given time, we have over 2 million pounds of spices, lentils, beans, and 100,000 plus lbs. of nuts available in our stock.