Distributed Products

Our services extend to distribute products across its geographical boundaries. We hold up to 200 different skews of various food products, ranging from dairy products to exclusive beverage. Our supply chain commitment helps us maintain and preserve the quality of every product from the stages of its manufacturing till the final consumption

  • Maiyaa'S Masala Nuts
  • Maiyaa'S Methi Stick
  • Jabson Lime Chili

  • Maiyaa'S Moong Dal
  • Jabson Nimboo Pudina
  • Jabson Spicy Masala

  • Jabson Chilli Garlic
  • Jabson Black Pepper
  • Jabson Hing Jeera

  • Maiyaa'S Palak Stick
  • Maiyaa'S Onion Kodubale
  • Maiyaa'S Pepper Cashew Nuts

  • Maiyaa'S Salt Cashew Nuts
  • Maiyaa'S Rice Kodubale
  • Maiyaa'S Shankarpoli Masala

  • Maiyaa'S Shankarpoli Sweet
  • Maiyaa'S Bombay Mixture
  • Maiyaa'S Tangy Groundnut

  • Maiyaa'S Bhakarwadi
  • Maiyaa'S Butter Chakli
  • Maiyaa'S Butter Muruku

  • Maiyaa'S Chakli
  • Maiyaa'S Chowchow
  • Maiyaa'S Dry Samosa

  • Maiyaa'S Kabuli Chana
  • Maiyaa'S Kachori
  • Maiyaa'S Kharabundi

  • Maiyaa'S Kodubale
  • Maiyaa'S Masala Groundnut
  • Maiyaa'S Muruku

  • Maiyaa'S Masala Stick
  • Maiyaa'S Masala Cashew Nuts
  • Maiyaa'S Chilli Cashew Nuts

  • Maiyaa'S Madur Vada
  • Maiyaa'S Baked Nippatu
  • Maiyaa'S Garlic Mix

Address :

2900 E State St,
Hamilton Township,
NJ 08619

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