Distributed Products

Our services extend to distribute products across its geographical boundaries. We hold up to 200 different skews of various food products, ranging from dairy products to exclusive beverage. Our supply chain commitment helps us maintain and preserve the quality of every product from the stages of its manufacturing till the final consumption

  • Maiyaa'S Rava Masala Dosa
  • Maiyaa'S Ragi Roti
  • Maiyaa'S Poori

  • Maiyaa'S Rava Idli
  • Maiyaa'S Veg Cutlet W Mint Chutney
  • Maiyaa'S Sambar

  • Maiyaa'S Vada
  • Maiyaa'S Rice Idli
  • Maiyaa'S Coconut Chutney

  • Maiyaa'S Onion Pakoda
  • Maiyaa'S Oinion Uttapam
  • Maiyaa'S Pessaratu

  • Maiyaa'S Mirchi Pakora Wchutney
  • Maiyaa'S Mirchi Bhaji
  • Maiyaa'S Oats Idli

  • Maiyaa'S Medu Vada
  • Maiyaa'S Burger Veg Patties
  • Maiyaa'S Mangalore Bhajji N Coconut Chutney

  • Maiyaa'S Masala Dosa
  • Maiyaa'S Kharabath
  • Maiyaa'S Jalebi

  • Maiyaa'S Kesarbhath
  • Maiyaa'S Harabhara Kabab
  • Maiyaa'S Coconut Holige

  • Maiyaa'S Dal Holige
  • Maiyaa'S Chennai Sambar
  • Maiyaa'S Batata Vada

  • Maiyaa'S Mangalore Bun
  • Mo'Plz Tandoori Naan
  • Mo'Plz Sarso Ka Saag

  • Mo'Plz Rasmalai
  • Mo'Plz Rasgula
  • Maiyaa'S Aloo Patties

  • Mo'Plz Paneer Paratha
  • Mo'Plz Moti Choor Laddoo
  • Mo'Plz Mix Veg Paratha

  • Mo'Plz Shahi Gulab Jamun
  • Mo'Plz Punjabi Choley
  • Mo'Plz Pulaw Thali

  • Mo'Plz Pista Burfee
  • Mo'Plz Tandoori Naan Garlic Bulk
  • Mo'Plz Tandoori Naan Garlic

  • Maiyaa'S Aloo Bonda
  • Maiyaa'S Akki Roti
  • Mo'Plz Paneer Tikka Masala

  • Mo'Plz Paneer Makhani
  • Mo'Plz Punjabi Samosa
  • Mo'Plz Tandoori Naan Bulk

  • Mo'Plz Methi Paratha
  • Mo'Plz Home Style Paratha
  • Mo'Plz Kofta Thali

  • Mo'Plz Kaju Katali
  • Mo'Plz Dal Makhani
  • Mo'Plz Dodha Burfi

  • Mo'Plz Cocktail Samosa
  • Mo'Plz Angoori Jamun
  • Mo'Plz Bhindi Masala

  • Mo'Plz Alu Tikki
  • Mo’Plz Malai Kofta
  • Mo’Plz Dal Tadka

  • Mo'Plz Aloo Paratha

Address :

2900 E State St,
Hamilton Township,
NJ 08619

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